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Labour analgesia

The birth of a child should be one of the most beautiful moments in a...

Medical transportation

I deal with the care of patients who require interhospital transport. In addition, I care...

Online Consults

Due to the possibilities modern audiovisual technics give us. I want to provide my patients...

Pain treatment

I offer acute and chronic pain therapy. Pain diagnostics, assessment of its intensity, pharmacotherapy, and...


I offer comprehensive anesthesiological services consisting of preoperative assessment and performing anesthesia adapted to the...

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    I offer professional services in the field of anesthesiology, intensive therapy, and pain treatment:

    Anesthesia of adults and children over three years of age for all surgical procedures except cardiac surgery. All anesthesia techniques: general anesthesia, regional anesthesia.
    Providing sedation for painful and unpleasant diagnostic techniques such as endoscopic examinations.
    Online consultations – everything the patient wants to know and be aware of while preparing for anesthesia, pre-operative evaluation for selected treatments, and medical procedures.
    Transport of patients who require constant medical supervision.
    Providing analgesia for delivery, anesthesia for cesarean section, initial evaluation, and stabilization of the newborn.
    Assessment and treatment of acute and chronic pain, including pharmacotherapy and invasive techniques

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